Ufone Loan

If you want to take a loan from Ufone and don’t know how to do so Ufone Loan in 2024, then read this article. If your Ufone balance drops below Rs 11.95, then you are eligible to get Rs 20 from Ufone as a Balance Loan Code.

Ufone Loan Code 2024
Ufone Loan Code 2024

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How To Take Ufone Loan

If you run out of balance, you can get a Ufone loan advance if you are a prepaid customer.

CodeGet AdvanceCharges
Dial *456#Rs 20Rs 4.40, Including taxes

Follow these steps to get the Ufone Advance Balance Loan Code.

  • This advance balance service is available on the Ufone Prepaid SIM.
  • Dial *456# from your Ufone SIM.
  • The balance of Rs 20 is available for all Ufone prepaid customers when the balance runs out.

Ufone Prepaid Advance Balance Loan Code 2024

Ufone has made everything easier for their prepaid and postpaid customers. The following method will be helpful if you are out of balance and want to get a loan from Ufone on a prepaid SIM.

Ufone Prepaid Advance Balance Loan Code 2024
Ufone Prepaid Advance Balance Loan Code 2024

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  • If you are a Ufone Prepaid sim holder, then you can request for Ufone Advance balance Loan.
  • To Get Ufone Loan in 2024, you can dial *456# from your SIM.
  • When your advance balance request will accepted, you will recieved confirmation message from Ufone.
  • After successful Confirmation message, you will be able to use this loan.

Ufone Loan Code Postpaid

Ufone also offers loans for Ufone postpaid customers. Follow these methods to learn about how to take a loan on Ufone for postpaid customers.

  • Dial *229# For Ufone Advance postpaid Loan.
  • Rs 5 plus taxes will be applicable.
 ufone loan code postpaid
Ufone Loan code postpaid

When you a postpaid customer of ufone and used all your call data, you can get advance loan for postpaid sim.

Ufone Eligiblity Criteria

  • To get ufone advance balance, you must have verifiy ufone sim from NADRA.
  • For Prepaid customers, if your ufone balance is lower than Rs 11.95 then you are eligible for Ufone advance balance load code offer.

Ufone Loan Lene Ka Tarika

the process is very simple to get loan in ufone for prepaid and postpaid sim. All the details are mentioned on this page.

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